Getting Mom What She Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Do you know what your mom really wants for Mother’s Day this year? From the traditional to the high-tech, here are some ideas for amazing gifts she’s sure to love:

Let Mom Know How Much You Care

One of the best things you can get for mom is simply a reminder of how much you care. Here are some ways that you can get in touch with mom this year:

Card – More than 141 million Mother’s Day cards are sent every year. You can get one that expresses your warmest feelings or one that’s made to make her laugh.
Phone callMother’s Day is the highest call volume day of the year, and with good reason. Moms love hearing from their kids.
Video chat – What better way to put a smile on mom’s face than to talk with her face to face? If you go this route, do some advance planning and be sure that mom has the correct software installed on her computer.
• Email – You can send mom a quick note that says, “I love you,” or an e-card that has a happy ending.

Traditional Gifts

If your mom is more traditional, you may consider going with some of these presents to make her happy:

Flowers – A quarter of all floral purchases are made for Mother’s Day. You may want to send mom some roses, orchids, lilies, or irises at work to make her day brighter.
Relaxation – In a recent survey, 29% of moms said that they would like more time to themselves. You can give her the gift of relaxation by opting to get her tickets to an event she loves, a spa package, or a girls’ night out.


Mother’s Day

When surveyed, 64% of women said that they would rather have a digital camera than a pair of diamond earrings. If your mom is among that group, here are some ideas that she may like:

Tablet – Give mom the gift of convenience with a tablet. She take it anywhere to work or relax on the go.
Laptop – If your mom’s computer is looking a little worse-for-the-wear, you may want her to get a new laptop. Today’s models are powerful and portable, and Windows 8 is extremely easy to use. And if you do some searching around you are guaranteed to find a steal of a deal on a new laptop of your choice.
Ultrabook – If you can’t decide between a laptop and a tablet, an ultrabook may be the perfect compromise. Ultra-sleek and ultra-light, these machines will go anywhere mom does without weighing her down.
Projector – For the mom that has everything, a projector is a great gift. She’ll be able to watch movies, share slideshows, and even give presentations in style.

Whatever you get for mom, she’ll love it if it comes from the heart.
What are you getting for mom this year?

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