He Has MS Reviews the Sippy Cup

“If you are anything like me, you love wine! I love cheap Barefoot & Beringer wines. I used to own “real” wineglasses, but they broke. So now my current “wineglasses” are actually just a set of champagne glasses. That’s why I hopped on the opportunity to review the Mommy’s Sippy Cup! I needed a wineglass LOL.

Mommy's Sippy Cup Reviewed
I have a toddler running around my house who thinks he can share everything that Mommy has, including my wine. Obviously, toddler-wine drinking is NOT advised! So, with that being said, having a toddler and champagne glasses (for my wine) isn’t exactly the best option…

Being a Mommy, I really like the Mommy’s Sippy Cup ™.

The Mommy’s Sippy Cup ™ was designed by a Mom for a Mom! This cup says “Mommy’s Sippy Cup ™” right on it. The “purple grapes” are actually adorable little pacifiers and the “green stems” are baby rattles. This is actually my favorite thing about the Mommy’s Sippy Cup! I just think it’s so cute! When my babies aren’t babies anymore, this little feature will always tug at my heartstrings reminding me of their infant days.”

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