Reviews on the Mommy’s Sippy Cup

Reviews on the Mommy’s Sippy Cup™

“I recently received the Mommy’s Sippy Cup for review and I just think its adorable! And yes, it’s functional, too! I think that this would make a really fun shower gift or is perfect to bring to Mom after she’s home from delivering a new baby, along with a bottle of wine, or too, of course!” ~ ButeauFull Chaos

This is the perfect gift for any mom! Baby shower! Birthday! Mother’s Day! Any day of the week! ~ Moms Gone Crazy Review

“Ha! I so like this! This is inspired! And so me….. Definitely sharing!” ~ Sandi T., The Owner & Blogger of An Average Woman

“I Love Mommy’s Sippy Cup…Everyone needs one for the beach, the Boat, the Baby Shower, the New Mom! Great invention!! I just got 3…” ~ Peggy C.

“Just got my “mommy’s sippy cup” that I won! It’s adorable. I like that you can be worry free that if your baby tips it over, there will be no mess. It’s a great idea. My sister even is thinking of getting one, and she is a “dog mom” but thinks it would be great to prevent wagging tails from knocking over glasses. Thanks again!!” ~ Kerry Dakers; Winner of the Mommy’s Sippy Cup Giveaway

“I need it because its the coolest thing ive ever seen! Well at least to us wine-os!” Marley Grosz

“Forget needing this cup. I just want it!! I’ve never seen such a great idea!!!” ~ Joanna Audet Chaudhry

“Oh I need these Mommy Sippy Cups……just because I am a Mommy!!!!!” ~ Tonia Burke Simmons

This will be the best for a long road trip, hubby driving of course. It can fit into a little cooler and go to the beach, on long drives when it’s past cocktail hour(it’s five o’clock somewhere!!!” ~ Linda Crowley


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