The Fun Craft Savvy Mom Loves It!

“I recently had the lucky chance to receive a Mommy’s Sippy Cup! For those of you who do not know what this is let me explain a few details. These are in the shape of a Sippy cup with an adult mom twist. They are BPA-free, Spill free & a great gift for baby Showers or a Mother’s Birthday. As soon as I opened this, I had to laugh and smile. The cup has purple grapes made with pacifiers and green rattles for the stems! It is a fun and corky product. I think that is why I liked it so much and felt this was fitting for a Friday night.” ~ The Fun Crafty Savvy Mom

Fun Crafty Savvy Mom“I am not into drinking a lot by any means BUT I do enjoy some wine during the occasional dinner party. These would be a fun gift to incorporate as a conversational piece. I also think this would be a wonderful backyard around the fire pit drink holder. Wine glasses are not easy to bring outside and this would be great for drinks and wine slushies’ outside. They fit perfectly into a lawn chair. If you would like to buy these for a fellow Mom or friend check them out here. There is always a fun loving Wino in your family!!”

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