The Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts for New Moms

Baby showers are a great opportunity to show an expectant mom how much you love her. It can also be a great boon to the mom to be because the best gifts are those that really help prepare for the new arrival. Here are some easy gift ideas for the next baby shower you are invited to attend:

Top 5 Baby Shower GiftsDiapers – There is nothing that a baby can go through faster than diapers. From newborn to toddler, diapers are a necessity. There are many fun ways to give diapers as a gift beyond just wrapping the package. You can use cloth diapers to create fun folded animals, cupcakes and more. You can also use disposable diapers and stack them up to create a ‘baby shower cake’ that mom is sure to appreciate. Make sure you get a variety of sizes to grow with the baby.

Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts

Clothing – Hats, shoes, socks, tiny pants and dresses, onesies and jumpers, the variety of baby clothing is endless. You can pick out cute outfits based on gender, or if you don’t know what the gender will be you can pick neutral colors like yellow, white, or brown. You can give baby clothing in a variety of ways. Dress up a stuffed animal in the clothes and give both, roll up the clothes and present them in a jar, create a rainbow or lollipop with the addition of a feeding spoon. Speaking of dinner time, things like bibs and bottles also make great gifts.

Toys – Who can resist a cute stuffed animal? There are many infant safe stuffed creatures available to buy and give, or you can make your own from simple patterns. You can also give learning toys like books, rattles, or balls. Crib mobiles, play mobiles and bouncy seats also allow baby to be entertained safely.

Bedding – Blankets and sheets are only the beginning. Depending on the bedroom theme you can find a wide variety of bedding and bed accessories for the new baby. Crib mattresses, bumpers, comforters and quilts all come in a range of colors and patterns that can match the parent’s style and décor.

Bath Time – Who doesn’t love a clean baby? From cute themed and hooded towels to tiny wash cloths to baby bath tubs there are many things you can get a new parent for bath time. Baby shampoo is another great addition. You can create a bath basket to hold all the goodies and include a waterproof baby book or rubber ducky for extra fun.

For Mom – Don’t forget about mom! Things like lotions and spa goods to pamper a tired new mom are a great baby shower gift. You can also give her things to make the first few months easier. A diaper bag to haul everything around, a sling to carry the baby, and some light reading for slow times. Also, a Mommy can use her own Mommy’s Sippy Cup after putting the baby down for the night. A babysitting coupon is also a great addition for mom. All new moms could use a night out!

These are just a few of the ideas that you can give for a baby shower. Use your imagination and a bit of research to find out what the new parents might need. If you have kids of your own you know what the basics are and maybe you can write a note with your gift with some helpful advice. Have fun!

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